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State-wide Licenses

For limited time, the KCEE and its partners are offering the Financial Foundations for Kids courseware to other states as a turn-key program. The turn-key program includes state-specific packaging, a state-specific website mirroring the Kansas site, and support to help develop partnerships to pay for the program.

If you are a non-profit, state agency, or even a for-profit organization looking for a turn-key program to start laying financial foundations for kids in your state, please contact Angela Howdeshell at 316-978-5183 or email KCEE@wichita.edu.

We can help you develop a fundraising strategy for your state with proven development ideas that will work in almost any state.

What your state package will include:
• Up to 7,500 copies of the courseware
• State specific packaging customized for your state and those who funded it.
• The right to reproduce the materials for educational purposes within your state.
• A state-specific website that mirrors the Kansas site, including on-line pre and post testing, awards program, state correlations (provided by your state), an online teachers’ guide, and other resources. (An additional fee is required for website upkeep after first year.)

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